Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 3 - (Learning Contract)

For the new week my main focus has been towards the producing the learning contract. I really didn’t feel there was anything wrong with my question, I’d already picked something I was happy with. The learning contract itself was basically a plan of what I was going to do for the rest of the tri in IND302. So basically me coming up with all the tasks I actually wanted to try and accomplish (that link back to my question).

Coming up with the tasks felt a bit last minute. For some reason (possibly IEP related) I had left the learning contract right near the end of week 3. I had a basic sense of what I wanted do and started to proceed from there.

To prepare for the next few weeks I searched through the library in order to see if there were any pre-existing books on Maya, lights and light rigs. Unfortunately there wasn’t much but took out some of the existing ones there. After briefly researching on lighting setups I compiled a 14 long list of possible tasks I wanted/ could have achieved. From there I grouped some topics with others and assorted them from initial fundamental tasks to complex light rigs. With so many tasks and so little weeks I decided to scrap the interior lighting part of the project. It really didn’t need it (also saved me time on constructing an interior environment). With everything sorted I plugged it all into the contract and filled out the rest.

I can’t really think of what else to really say about this week since I didn’t/ couldn’t do much. Upon future weeks the content will just be full of research, pictures of test and what I may have learned from all the experimenting. It’ll be god to make a start next week.

Also putting these things on a blog. The last entry was done last week, just had no idea where to put it.   

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